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We were thrilled to bring back the Incompass Holiday Party on Saturday, December 3. A treasured, annual tradition that was sorely missed by individuals, families, and staff alike. The weather may have been dreary, but the Incompass community brightened up the room with their smiles and best holiday attire. Melanie Harrington, Stacie Murphy, and the rest of the committee set the event up for success by securing a new AV vendor. Crown Entertainment kept a steady stream of dancing tunes going for the evening, and the line for their photo booth was out the door! And as always, Lenzi’s staff went above and beyond with meeting the unique dietary needs of the folks we support. Dinner was delicious! Our rockstar vendors are what this special night possible.

But the true stars of the evening were the individuals and their families attending. For some, this is the only party they’ll be attending for the holiday season. For others, it’s an evening they can cherish with their loved ones. Regardless of the particular situation, it’s a night to remember for everyone.