Caregivers & Families

One of the notable benefits of being part of the Incompass community is having access to our robust network and caregivers.

Program Overview

Whether your loved one is living in the home with you, or in one of our residential placements, we understand the complexities of providing care. Personal care, medication management, care coordination, household duties, health monitoring and advocacy are just some of the day-to-day responsibilities families and caregivers are tasked with. Not only is Incompass here to offer relief according to your family’s needs, but our network of caregivers is here to lean on for reassurance and advice.

Here is a summary of the key services available to families and caregivers:

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Looking for a Break?

Incompass Human Services now offers a Respite Program, which provides a much-needed break for families caring for loved ones with disabilities. This program allows families, regardless of their affiliation with Incompass, to find respite and peace of mind by safely leaving their loved ones in a supportive environment when they need to go away.

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