Brain Injury (ABI)

Here at Incompass, we are constantly striving to improve the quality of our existing programs as well as introduce new programs that reach a broader community. Brain injury services aim to address the physical, cognitive, emotional, and social challenges that individuals may face following a brain injury.

Program Overview

We offer accessible opportunities and resources that enable individuals to make choices that are aligned with their goals. In doing so, we empower participants to maximize their level of independence, self-confidence, and dignity so they can experience full lives in their communities.

Here is a summary of the key services available to those who have experienced a brain injury:

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Looking for a Break?

Incompass Human Services now offers a Respite Program, which provides a much-needed break for families caring for loved ones with disabilities. This program allows families, regardless of their affiliation with Incompass, to find respite and peace of mind by safely leaving their loved ones in a supportive environment when they need to go away.

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