Dear Incompass Community,

Towards the end of 2020, we began to hear a constant theme around a “return to normal.” And not just at Incompass Human Services; this was something we heard nearly every day in our interactions with others. As we head into 2023, I realize that at Incompass we have flipped this narrative – in that we have “returned to not normal!”

What I mean by that is adaptability is a way of life at Incompass! Essentially, we’re working towards a new normal that is rooted in empowering the people we serve to live their best lives. When we launched the Incompass brand in 2020, all the research we did at that time led us to a crystal clear vision…” innovating to help the most vulnerable thrive.” We’re living that now!

As the CEO of Incompass Human Services, and a member of The Arc of Massachusetts Board of Directors – I have put more focus on advocacy for appropriate rates and commensurate wages this year, and that’s a theme that will continue in the year ahead. From publishing op-eds to collaborating with other human services agencies on a public awareness campaign, we need to lead the way on this initiative. We must ensure that the state adequately funds Chapter 257, which allows us to effectively operate programs and to compensate staff with a respectable living wage. We count ourselves fortunate that our staff vacancies are lower than the average and longevity is a hallmark of our Care Champion culture, but we are still struggling under the circumstances of a post-pandemic, inflationary economy.

When people in the community ask me what we do at Incompass, I’m fond of giving a simple and honest answer. That “we are empowerers!” Incompass helps people live their best lives, and we will never lose sight of that mission. Doing this work is rewarding and fulfilling in ways that are almost immeasurable. We are proud to be part of the community of human service providers and grateful for those things that make us unique in that company. Regardless of the challenges and changes around us, you will always find Incompass opening doors with open hearts.

With gratitude,


Jean Phelps, CEO

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