Did you know that Heather has a cat named “Bear,” is a huge fan of Marvel movies, and has a one-year old daughter? Check out the full video below.

This month, Assistant Director of Day Programs Heather Melo sat down with CareCast host Dan Esdale. Heather happily shared insights in her role working at Incompass Human Services, and definitely had a little fun! She has spent virtually her entire career working in the field of human services, and had some heart-warming stories to share. During the conversation, she shares some of her favorite memories, tells us what she likes most about working in the field, and even gives us her take on the Brady vs. Belichick debate!

When asked how Heather would describe the Incompass experience, she had a wonderful answer!

“For me, I feel that all the staff are super invested in all of the individuals who come through this door. I feel that Incompass does a really great job of investing their time and really getting to know the individual; not just in the ways that we have to write their goals and all of those day-to-day things, but as a whole and I think we do a really good job with that.”

Heather also shared her favorite part of working as a Care Champion for Incompass…

“My favorite part is that I’m working with new people everyday, and I’m working with people who’ve been here for years and years. Seeing their growth over a time period is really fulfilling to see. And a lot of times when you know you’ve made a positive impact on those folks and you’re a part of that process, it’s great!”

Heather ended the conversation by saying “let’s do it again!” You can hear the CareCast on Spotify and iTunes as well…just search for Incompass Human Services!

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