Shared Living Program

In the Shared Living model, an individual lives in a natural setting of a home-provider family. Here, they can continue to be part of family life, while figuring out the next phase of their life.

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What is Shared Living?

The Shared Living model allows us to help identify the best match that meets the needs, values, and vision of the individuals, the guardian, and that of the provider family. We are committed to finding a match that works for every party involved.

The beauty of Shared Living is that it leaves so much room for growth. Individuals have the support needed to potentially take the next steps to independent living, or the placement can ultimately become permanent. Once you invite someone into your family, it’s hard to say goodbye. We have even seen temporary arrangements lead to talks of adoption!

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Benefits of Shared Living


Money IconAchieve Greater Financial Stability

Between monthly tax-exempt stipends to opportunities for respite, you could earn up to $40,000 a year as a care provider. You’ll also reap the benefit of sharing the cost of household expenses.

Calendar IconGet More Flexibility & Time at Home

Being a shared living provider allows for more flexibility than the typical 9-5. You work when you’re needed, not when required, doing what doesn’t feel like work at all.

Heart IconBuild Meaningful Relationships

Living together in a natural setting fosters a sense of closeness, trust, and companionship. The individual becomes an integral part of the family, forming genuine bonds and connections that can last a lifetime.

Calendar IconPersonal Growth & Achievements

With the guidance of a caring home-provider family, individuals have the opportunity to set and pursue goals related to education, employment, and independent living, increasing their chances of reaching their full potential.
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Looking For More Information About Shared Living?

Download our brochure for more information about the program, benefits, success stories, and the process of finding the perfect match between individuals and home-provider families.

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The Shared Living Podcast: Episode Three

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The Shared Living Podcast: Episode Two

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Frequently Asked Questions

Am I eligible to be a care provider?

There is a selection process that matches individuals with providers to ensure the best possible fit and thus the best possibility for long-term success. Potential providers are Massachusetts residents who demonstrate a deep commitment to persons with developmental disabilities, maintain certifications in CPR and First Aid, and participate in home safety inspections. And Incompass Care Champions are with you every step of the way!

Potential providers must complete the following steps to determine eligibility:

  • Meet with two Human Services professionals

  • Successfully pass a criminal background check (CORI)

  • Submit to fingerprinting

  • Provide references

What training is required for providers?

For Shared Living Providers, no training is required for consideration. However, before you start we’ll assist you in earning the necessary certifications and training including First Aid and CPR.

How are Shared Living Providers supported?

Incompass Care Champions are with you every step of the way! You’ll have ongoing support from our team of professionals through frequent visits, monthly support groups, and continued training. Bottom line—you’re not alone, you’re part of a community of caregivers!

Who Are Shared Living Providers?

There is no “typical” provider, as our caregiver community is as diverse as the communities we serve. For instance …

  • Retirees who are looking to stay active

  • Households already caring for a loved one with a disability

  • People who want to work at home while earning a competitive wage

  • Freelancers and founders in need of a steady income

  • Families who have room for one more

  • People who work in healthcare and human services

How much does a Shared Living Provider earn?
With monthly, tax-exempt stipends plus opportunities for respite, Shared Living Providers can earn up to $40,000 a year, plus reap the financial advantage of sharing household expenses.

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