Safe Minds Community Center

The Incompass Safe Minds Community Center supports those who have experienced a brain
injury. We seek to empower participants to maximize their level of independence, self-confidence, and dignity so they can experience full lives in their communities. A full continuum of community-based supports are accessible to participants, comprised of skilled clinicians and care champions that serve on an interdisciplinary treatment team.

Unique Model

Staff will encourage participation in the center’s operations through a variety of Work Units. Staff and participants will work together as joint owners of the essential activities, functions, and operations of the program.

What are Community Center participants currently working on in the program?

Recently, participants worked with the Incompass marketing team to decide on a new name for the center. The new name more accurately captures the essence of the center and what it means to them. Introducing the Incompass Safe Minds Community Center!

Now the Community Center is working on creating content for Brain Injury Awareness Month. We know that no two brain injuries are the same. Each participant will work with Community Center staff on how best to articulate their personal journey with a brain injury. Stay tuned!

If interested, please talk to your Massachusetts
Rehabilitation Commission (MRC) Service Coordinator.

To speak with the Brain Injury Community Center Manager call 978-505-6342 or send an email.