As we embark on the next chapter with our FY24-28 Strategic Plan, our first as an affiliate of the New England Human Services Collaborative (NEHSCO), we are reminded of our profound commitment to our foundational mission. Care Champions enable those people we serve with intellectual and developmental disabilities and acquired brain injuries to thrive to their fullest potential, ensuring they not only find a place in our community but truly thrive within it. We continue to work towards our Incompass2030 vision rooted in enhancing our ability to provide critical and innovative support to the people we serve. We are heartened by the strides we’ve made, and excited that the coming half-decade is not just about continuity; it’s about transformative growth. As the landscape of human services evolves, so must we, ensuring that innovation is at the forefront, our workforce feels invested in and valued, and our services and supports are broadened to cater to the multifaceted needs of those we serve.

And that’s what you’ll find in the strategic plan – bold initiatives indicative of a relentless pursuit to empower these individuals and their caregivers. We are charting an ambitious path to scale our agency as a part of NEHSCO, and central to this growth is our dedication to investing in our Care Champion workforce. Recognizing their pivotal role, we aim to foster an environment of continuous learning, engagement, and palpable career growth opportunities. Parallelly, we are on a quest to invigorate our Board of Directors by onboarding even more experienced leaders whose unique skillsets align with and amplify our strategic objectives. And as we grow, we are committed to maintaining operational and administrative excellence, using data-driven methods to ensure that our expansion is matched by the resources and efficiency required to uphold and further our mission.

View the Strategic Plan here.