Welcome to our new newsletter: Incompass Insights! I’m excited to debut this new vehicle and share all of the wonderful stories happening within our Care Champion community with all of you!

It’s hard to believe that it’s been almost eight months since we unveiled our new brand in a small outdoor celebration at Omni Way. In fact, that’s the only gathering we’ve had since the start of the pandemic, as ordinarily this time of year we’d be sharing pictures of our Kentucky Derby Fundraiser or our Family Support Center Picnic. But seeing the gardening that our day program participants are enjoying and the vaccination rates in our state climbing, I have a great feeling about the summer!

In the meantime, Incompass Insights is a great way to keep you informed and engaged with everything happening at our dynamic agency. The stories we are sharing are just the tip of the iceberg, as our staff continue to amaze me with their creativity and passion. Remember, this is the team that used pool noodles as social distancing markers in the early days of the pandemic!

I’ve said this many times, but I feel so fortunate to be surrounded by an incredible group of people who go above and beyond every day for the people they serve. In fact, just last month we joined other human services agencies to produce a PSA airing on 92.5FM acknowledging the incredible work that human services workers are doing in communities across the Commonwealth. You may have heard it, but if not you can listen to it here.

Each week at Incompass, our staff nominates a Care Champion and a program initiative to share with the entire team, and each week I am overwhelmed with gratitude. Let me share an example with you that I received the other week, where we shared a story about Francis Osei-Bonsu, a group home manager.

Francis oversees two of our group homes and after a long day at work this week, he took time to visit a resident who, sadly, is in the hospital and struggling to stay healthy right now. His compassion and concern for this person were palpable in the update he sent the team after spending time with her and letting her know that she isn’t alone. Thank you for showing us what this work is all about Francis.

These stories are authentic to Incompass, and such a powerful reminder of the impact our team has on the lives of the people in our network. I hope you’ll share the stories we’ve curated for you, our community of supporters, and continue to champion our Care Champions.

There are so many ways you can support Incompass, but as we approach the end of our fiscal year, if you’re able to make a gift I would be grateful. Financial support from our community is more important than ever to ensure we continue to open doors for the people we serve. You can make a gift online today.

I wish you all a safe and happy summer!

With gratitude,


Jean Phelps, CEO