Dear Care Champions,

It’s been quite a month at LifeLinks CLASS Incompass Human Services! (I still say it occasionally out of habit, but so glad to be able to call ourselves Incompass!)

After the brand launch ceremony, I wanted to sit down and share my thoughts while everything was still fresh. As I watched the video again this week, I realized that my main takeaway is this:

YOU are the brand! YOU are the story!
And we need your help to bring this brand to life!



In hindsight, I’m glad I filmed this when I did given the pace of these past 30 days! Since we’ve launched the brand, we have:

  • Completed our very first virtual CARF Accreditation visit
  • Opened a new group home in Tyngsboro
  • Hired a new controller to manage finance and accounting operations – the incredibly talented Sheila Dunne
  • Promoted one of our most dedicated Care Champions Shawn Nault to a new position overseeing all day program at Incompass Human Services
  • Announced our very first employee referral bonus program
  • Launched the “All Incompassing Minute” podcast
  • Held our annual meeting with the Incompass Board of Directors

And of course, we’re still managing through this COVID-19 pandemic. It’s getting harder and harder to keep up with you all (in a good way)!

I know that the holiday season will be a lot different for all of us this year – for reasons beyond our control. But as you heard on Monday’s podcast, we have a team of Care Champions actively meeting to brainstorm on ways to spread holiday cheer throughout the agency in these uncertain times. I can’t wait to hear what they come up with over these next few weeks!

Keep doing what you’re doing…#ForEachOther!