For the first time in nearly 150 days, our day programs will be open next week when we welcome a small cohort of day hab participants to Lawrence and Chelmsford!

The last five months have been an incredible period for all of us at LifeLinks CLASS.

  • We’ve listened to our Care Champions.
  • We’ve connected with our families and caregivers.
  • We’ve consulted with fellow provider agencies.
  • We’ve followed guidance from federal and state agencies.
  • We’ve completed training to build our skills in infection prevention and containment

All of this insight, collaboration, and action has driven our agency’s pandemic response plan that has been rooted in proactive steps aimed at promoting the health and safety of our community. Remember, we suspended day programs, required face coverings, and offered hand-washing training prior to the release of state requirements.

So, at the risk of sounding self-serving, I don’t mind saying that I think we’re doing a heck of a job! ???

But hey, don’t just take my word for it! Our most recent round of surveillance testing conducted at nearly every group home just this week recorded zero positive tests! In fact, we haven’t recorded a single positive COVID-19 test in six weeks! ? ?

And remember – WE NEVER CLOSED! Our 16 group homes are staffed 24/7 and are home to nearly 100 individuals. Our nurses and clinical teams are providing essential medical care to individuals where they are. Our Family Support Center is actively serving more than 300 families throughout the region. Our family support and day program specialists have run more than 1,000 virtual programs since day programs were suspended.

The bottom line is that our organization is rooted in doing things for each other; this isn’t novel for us. It’s what makes us all Care Champions! While it’s easy to focus on tangible policies and procedures, I am especially proud of what we’ve accomplished in the past few months…

  • We’ve learned from each other.
  • We’ve supported each other.
  • We’ve stayed home and avoided crowds for each other.
  • We’ve donned masks for each other.
  • We’ve been there for each other.

This includes all of you – staff, families, caregivers, individuals, public officials, Directors, and supporters. So on Monday, remember we aren’t just resuming day hab; we’re taking another step forward as a LifeLinks CLASS team…and we’re doing it #ForEachOther.

With regards,