Pictured above (L-R): Guest Nurse Naomi and Incompass Nurses Barbara, Vera, Kate, Assumpta, Zoe, Colleen, and Alicia.

Last week we celebrated National Nurses Week, and while the love for our nurses is vast, we realized that others might not know the extent and variety of their responsibilities at Incompass. To optimize the level of care they are providing, we have nurses designated to certain settings such as day habilitation, residential, and family & community services. Their daily responsibilities differ depending on the setting, but the goal remains the same; to promote person-centered health care that enables people with multifaceted needs to live life with optimal wellness, independence, and autonomy.

One step in achieving the abovementioned goal is equipping our new Care Champions with knowledge of common health-related concerns and safety measures. Pictured below is the Assistant Clinical Director of Nursing Services Alicia Mordach addressing attendees of a recent new employee orientation.

Topics discussed include:

  • allergy awareness
  • seizure overview and safety measures
  • a guide to personal protective equipment (PPE)

These overviews, along with the “Just Not Right” training, where they discuss the different ways people may communicate illness or discomfort, are taught both annually and as needed.

The folks we serve are some of the most vulnerable in our community, which is why it’s imperative that our programs and services are being offered with health and safety protocols at the forefront. We couldn’t do what we do without our nurses, so we want to give our heartfelt thanks.

Thank you Incompass Nurses!!! 💙💜