Looking Forward

Looking Forward

The end of 2019 is upon us, and we closed it out in true LifeLinks CLASS style at our annual Holiday Party this past weekend! Most would use this as a time to reflect; after all, it was a particularly memorable year highlighted by the merger of two incredible agencies. But the truth of the matter is, I’m far too excited about the year ahead for LifeLinks CLASS to look back!

Why is that? Well, we are in the midst of creating the first-ever LifeLinks CLASS strategic plan for our newly merged agency. It’s an inclusive and collaborative process, as the Board of Directors, leadership team, and staff have been working full throttle to develop recommendations that focus on fulfilling the needs of the people we serve through our program portfolio, agency brand, facilities, and community presence. The final strategic plan will be released in January and will focus on honoring our past while plotting our future as a full-service agency that serves the “whole person.” In other words, I’ll soon have a very clear answer to the question I’ve received most often since we announced the merger on July 1: ”Okay…now what!?!?”

The discussions around the plan have been invigorating, as the passion the community has for the work we do has been on full display. One thing is clear: the focus isn’t on us; it’s on you! We’re constantly asking ourselves, “how can we do it better?” And I think that’s one of the great things about the LifeLinks CLASS culture.

So as incredibly successful as this merger has been – highlighted by yet another exemplary CARF review of our AFC programs in November and a very impressive Survey and Certification review of DDS funded services in the summer – I know that the best is yet to come! 2020 is shaping up to be a memorable year. We will have a new agency mission statement. A new strategic plan. A new combined agency brand. And we’ll continue to welcome new people into our growing service portfolio across Greater Lowell and Greater Lawrence. And yes, you’ll be hearing from us quite a bit as we put these plans into place!

Now as you read this, I’ll actually be taking some vacation to spend quality time with my family for the holidays; something my husband and I have been looking forward to all year. But to my LifeLinks CLASS family, I want to wish each and every one of a safe and happy holiday season and a prosperous new year. It’s an honor to be the CEO of such a dynamic agency where people come together every day to make our corner of the world a better place.

Happy holidays!

Jean M. Phelps