Angela Otieno, director of residential services, has championed April Fool’s Day Week shenanigans since she first started at Incompass (you read that right…week!). One of the things we all missed out on during the pandemic was this annual Incompass tradition, and it’s great to have it back…over to you Angie!

From no-tear toilet paper to fake parking tickets and cockroaches to BrownEEESss!!!

This is my favorite holiday. Given that COVID ruined my plans for the past couple of years, there is no way it could be contained in one day. It was April Fools Week!!

I don’t have a picture of it, but Al Frugoli’s office was hit! LOL! Ask him to tell you about the phone ringing. (And there may be a few other surprises yet to be discovered. 🤔 )

We all know how challenging it’s been over the past couple of years. We all deserved this light-hearted moment. While work continues to be very “worky” at times, I need to remind myself and others that there is still time for fun. We could all use this reminder to make time for it as it reminds us that we aren’t robots.

My team has never stopped, in fact, back in March of 2020 when day programs shut down, residential went into hyperdrive. All individuals now were without warning told to remain home until things resolved with the virus. Could be a few weeks or months we were told initially.

Fast forward to two years later and a good number of individuals are still home because of staffing issues with day programs. So for the past 2+ years shared living providers and group home staff have become truly a 24-hour model. It’s taken a toll on people in immeasurable ways.

The least I could do is give my team and others in the office time to be distracted from the hard work they’ve been focused on. Maybe have them laugh or be grossed out. It’s a win either way.

I do have to say that one of the best moments was when I brought one of the specimen jars filled with apple juice into managers meeting and told everyone I needed to remember to drop it off to the lab then proceeded to tell them I was thirsty and opened it up and drank it. I then calmly put it back in my bag. John Mbuthia was horrified as was Ozi E and Alex Moiwoh. Oscar then calmly says. “It’s ok, they’re family”. I then calmly proceeded with the meeting as if nothing happened. Fantastic.

And then of course Kidnapping Thompson Stephens’ truck and relocating it to the DCF parking lot where it got a makeover with caution tape and saran wrap. Thank you DCF for calling the police – I had to explain to them that it’s April fools week because it happened on Tuesday. He seemed puzzled; I can’t imagine why!

Kwasi and Susan have yet to see their offices so I look forward to their return to the magic. Oscar said he was going to share some of his balloons. Gosh I hope he has enough.

Oscar actually told the gentleman that cleans to make sure he didn’t clean up the balloons in his office because he wanted them there all week. He said he loved it. He was the first one blessed on Monday!!

It was nice to hear laughter at the office after such a long time. It felt like the good old days.

Already planning for next year!