We’re All in This Together

We’re All in This Together

LifeLinks CLASS was excited to receive a large shipment of PPE (personal protective equipment) this week which included nearly 25,000 gowns and thermometers.

The health and safety of direct support professionals and the individuals they support have continued to be our highest priority during the pandemic. Thanks to a new partnership with LifeLinks CLASS supporter Brian Abbott, we were able to procure PPE that would then be redistributed to other agencies in need.

“We did it because we know anecdotally that others were struggling to source PPE, that the costs for smaller orders were exponentially higher,” commented CEO Jean Phelps. “We had the resources to be able to purchase upfront and bring the prices down for everyone because of the size of the orders.  We wanted to be helpful to others because we could.”

We partnered with Lowell General Hospital, as well as Abbott, to ensure prompt delivery of all supplies. Once there, our facilities, administrative and nursing teams facilitated the distribution process. “It may be a little more work on our end,” says CFO Adam Shuster, “but we are all in this together.”


PPE waiting for distribution at the LifeLinks CLASS facility in Chelmsford.