Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month: A Parent’s Hope for Their Child’s Future

Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month: A Parent’s Hope for Their Child’s Future

Every parent envisions a certain future for their child – a future filled with happiness, an opportunity for growth, and love. What would you do if you were faced with a diagnosis that would threaten that future?

Nearly 24 years ago, doctors diagnosed Fred with severe autism. Denise Boian, his mother, suspected this when he wasn’t meeting certain developmental milestones, but the news was devastating.

Still, her hopes for Fred have remained steadfast. When asked what she wants most for her son as he gets older, Denise said simply, “Happiness. I just want him to be happy.”

Now at 26 years old, Fred is living a full life at home with his family – an intentional decision that a lot of work has gone into. To make staying at home a possibility, Denise and her husband, Jeff, have prioritized the development of Fred’s communication and behavioral skills.

Being nonverbal means that Fred has had to find other ways to communicate his needs. He’s been fluent in American Sign Language (ASL) since he was a child, which has become one of the most popular language classes across the US. Still, ASL is not enough to bridge the communication gap when Fred is in more community-based settings. That is where augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) and speech-generating devices (SGD) come in.

The developmental disability (DD) community was hit especially hard by the pandemic, and many families worried about their loved ones regressing during this time of isolation. Amazingly, it was quite the opposite for Fred. For five hours a week, he works one-on-one with a special education teacher from Chelmsford High School to refine his written skills and using his SGD. He depends almost entirely on this device to communicate, and the Boston Children’s specialist that he sees was blown away by his recent progress. During their semiannual telehealth visit, Denise was beaming with pride as Fred expressed himself.

It’s no secret that Fred has some incredible people in his corner. While a loving and supportive family plays a huge role in a person’s journey in the DD community, the other piece of the puzzle is the programs and supports they receive. The Incompass Family Support Center helps the Boian family navigate these supports through the Agency with Choice (AWC) program.

When asked about staff who impacted Fred’s journey over the years, Denise noted Linda Cox, Senior Family Support Specialist, saying “She owed a lot to her.” Fred has since been transferred to Benjamin Waithe’s caseload, an Autism Spectrum Disorder Specialist, and Denise is confident that “he will show the same enthusiasm as all Incompass staff have shown our family.”

Our family support specialists help Denise manage a stipend that allows for weekly communication and behavioral therapies, respite relief, and community-based activities with Fred’s companion, Andy. Denise had this to say about their friendship, “Andy gives Fred a chance to feel like a normal kind of person. They really are like best friends.”

She often wonders what Fred’s life would have been like without this diagnosis. Would he have followed in his family’s steps and joined the military? Would he be in a relationship? She takes solace in knowing that her son will always be cared for, as her daughter will assume care of Fred one day. With the support system he has, the sky is the limit. We’re rooting for you, Fred!

Incompass Human Services Appoints Shawn Nault Director Of Day Services

Incompass Human Services Appoints Shawn Nault Director Of Day Services

Nault oversees day habilitation, community-based day services, T.R.E.E., Urban Youth Collaborative Program, and employment services as the agency unites its program portfolio around the concept of the “whole person”

CHELMSFORD, MASSACHUSETTS— Incompass Human Services™ (formerly LifeLinks CLASS), a not-for-profit organization that delivers enriching supports to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families throughout Greater Lowell and Greater Lawrence, has appointed Shawn Nault as Director of Day Services.

In this new role, Nault will oversee the entire portfolio of Incompass day programs in Chelmsford and Lawrence, including day habilitation, community-based day services, T.R.E.E., and employment services. Together, these programs enroll nearly 400 individuals from the surrounding communities with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD).

Nault has more than 30 years of experience running I/DD clinical programs, having spent the past seven years leading the day habilitation program in Chelmsford. He also oversees the Incompass Urban Youth Collaborative Program in partnership with Department of Developmental Services, an experiential internship that engages students who are interested in pursuing a career in human services.

“I’m excited about this opportunity, and what the role represents for the Incompass Human Services community,” says Nault. “By leveraging and connecting the full array of our supports, programs, and services, we are uniquely positioned to meet the specific needs of every individual in our program portfolio.”

“I am thrilled to announce Shawn Nault as the new Director of Day Services at Incompass Human Services,” added Al Frugoli, Chief Operating Officer at Incompass Human Services. “Our mission is rooted in providing care for the ‘whole person’ at every stage of their life. But we also need to make it easier on families and caregivers by providing them with a single point of entry and a comprehensive program rooted in in-person and virtual supports. Shawn understands this, given his vast experience working with the I/DD population, and is already moving us in this direction.”

Nault will work out of the Chelmsford and Lawrence facilities, and is a member of the newly-formed program leadership team at Incompass Human Services along with Kelly Trickett, Director of Family and Community Services; Angie Otieno, Director of Residential Services; and Chris Snell, Director of Clinical Services. He will also continue to serve on the Incompass Human Services COVID-19 Task Force.