Agency with Choice

Program Overview

The Agency with Choice (AWC) Program provides supports to individuals and families who desire to have an increased level of involvement with both the choice and design of the services they select. As the designated Agency with Choice Provider, Incompass supports individuals and their families to experience and build capacity for self-directing, customizing services and maximizing community opportunities and connections. The individual/family selects their support staff and Incompass shares the responsibility of hiring and managing said staff. This is also referred to as a co-employment model.

Individuals who choose this support model will have a budget allocation for the purchase of services to meet their needs.  The individual/family is able to identify the people they wish to employ with the support of an agency to assist in the hiring process, payroll management, and other related tasks.


Service options within Agency with Choice program model include:

  • Service Navigation
  • Individualized Home Supports
  • Individualized Day Supports
  • Flexible Funding

Contact for Agency with Choice

Laura Brindle

Program Manager, AWC