Shared Living

In the Shared Living model, an individual lives in a natural setting of a home-provider family. Here, they can continue to be part of family life, while figuring out the next phase of their life. This model of living allows us to help identify the best match that meets the needs, values, and vision of the individuals, the guardian, and that of the provider family. We are committed to finding a match that works for every party involved. The beauty of Shared Living is that it leaves so much room for growth. Individuals have the support needed to potentially take the next steps to independent living, or the placement can ultimately become permanent. Once you invite someone into your family, it’s hard to say goodbye. We have even seen temporary arrangements lead to talks of adoption!

Shared Living Success Stories

Jane, Incompass Shared Living Provider

Jane has been a Shared Living Provider for 30+ years. Before that, she worked in the human services field herself. It was there that she bonded with a resident named Juneko. Jane had the desire to pursue her nursing degree but still wanted to be in Juneko’s life. That’s where the Shared Living Program came in. Jane was one of the first providers to be approved during the inception of the program. After receiving the blessing from Juneko’s family, they moved forward with the paperwork. The rest came naturally because as Jane said, “we were a perfect fit for each other.”

Felicita, Incompass Shared Living Provider

Felicita welcomed Sharifah into her home nearly ten years ago and saying it’s been a match made in heaven would be an understatement. Sharifah was born in Uganda, near Kenya, and always dreamed of returning home. Felicita was determined to make that happen – going above and beyond to make travel arrangements, and ensure that all of the necessary COVID precautions were followed. The family also owns a home in Kenya and hopes to bring Sharifah there to live one day after the adoption process.
Some of Sharifah’s favorite memories on her trip were visiting Kenya National Park, standing on the slopes of Mt. Kenya, visiting the Vasco Da Gama Pillar in Malindi, and eating fresh crab by the ocean. She also overcame her fear of dogs and water while she was there!

Vicky, Incompass Shared Living Provider

Vicky first met Fernando more than 18 years ago when she was managing group homes. As the only native Spanish speaker in the house at the time, Fernando was unable to effectively communicate with any of the staff or residents. When Vicky switched jobs to a day program setting, she knew she couldn’t leave without helping him. Fast forward and Fernando is living his absolute best life with Vicky and her husband, George, who is a fluent Spanish speaker. His health is on the up and up since moving in with his new family, and his days are spent bonding with George over home improvement and antique car projects.

You Can Be a Shared Living Provider

Potential providers must complete the following steps to determine eligibility

  • Be interviewed by two Human Services professionals
  • Successfully pass a criminal background check (CORI)
  • Submit to fingerprinting
  • Provide references

The Shared Living Podcast

As an introduction for potential providers, we’ve launched Sharing Your House, Making a Home – a podcast dedicated to the Shared Living program.

Click here to listen to the first episode. 

In our second episode, Shared Living Coordinator Susan Frasca explains the ins and outs of becoming a Shared Living Provider. Spoiler alert…if you have an available bedroom in your residence, you are welcome to apply!

In this episode, Shared Living Coordinator Kwasi Asamani answers some of the most commonly asked questions prospective providers have about their homes. He says you don’t have to own to be a provider, and you don’t need to be in a single-family home to be eligible either!

Shared Living Family Adventures

In the summer of 2021, Sharifah visited Kenya, Africa with her Shared Living family

Arriving at the airport with Felicita

Being greeted by family and receiving her first henna tattoo

Visiting Kenya National Park

Overcoming her fear of water to enjoy fresh crab by the ocean

Standing on the slopes of Mt. Kenya

Sharifah's Shared Living family honoring their father's life

Important Note

Potential providers must have significant experience in the human service field or relative life experience. They must demonstrate a deep commitment to persons with developmental disabilities. Furthermore, the provider must maintain certifications in CPR and First Aid, and participate in home safety inspections.

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