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TREE uses a person-centered, evidence-based treatment model to provide effective vocational training and employment opportunities for adults with developmental, cognitive and mental health challenges. TREE is a unique program model that provides a variety of in-house and community-based engagement opportunities for the individuals involved.

Path to Employment


The treatment model employs a therapeutic work model for individuals with complex life experiences, psychiatric diagnoses and behavioral challenges, supported by an intense staffing ratio of one to four.


Using positive feedback and encouragement, the staff assigns individuals tasks of increasing responsibility, coaching them through challenges and praising them for every success.


Work helps individuals grow into a positive self-image, develop collaborative working relationships with their peers, and build a more positive sense of self.


TREE identifies opportunities for individuals to become a contributing member of their community, helping each person build the work skills they need for meaningful, engaging and independent employment.

Get in touch with us.

Call 978-349-3040 to speak with the TREE Program Manager.