The Strive2Thrive program provides services to individuals on the autism spectrum without an intellectual disability.

In its first year, the program served 27 individuals between the ages of 18 and 30 years old who are on the autism spectrum without an intellectual disability. These individuals can present with social and/or communication needs that require unique supports as they enter adulthood — Strive2Thrive aims to meet those needs. There are plans to evolve the program that continues to utilize both in-person and virtual supports. Going forward supports to be included in the proposed service model will include life coaching, self-advocacy training, and group recreational activities.

The Incompass Strive2Thrive program is proudly supported by the Doug Flutie, Jr. Foundation and Autism Speaks. 

Program Highlights

Unique Program Model

Strive2Thrive serves individuals who are on the autism spectrum without an intellectual disability — a population that experiences difficulties fitting into the traditional day program setting.

Peer Mentoring

Urban Youth Peer Mentor Interns provide group and 1:1 social opportunities where participants develop friendships and receive peer modeling for social situations.


Self-advocacy is strongly encouraged among participants — program and event activities are chosen by individuals and they ultimately make the decision to attend.

I was impressed by all the caring people who run the group. They made Josh feel so comfortable and eager to attend more events.  I saw a side of Josh that I haven’t seen for a long time. He was interacting with others, initiating conversations and he was enjoying himself. I am thankful that he can be a part of the group.

Michelle's son, Josh, is a Strive2Thrive participant

The amazing caring staff at the Strive2Thrive group have gone above and beyond to create social opportunities for my daughter; and for this, I am truly grateful.

Marcia's daughter, Colleen, is a Strive2Thrive participant

Recently, Strive2Thrive was featured in the spring 2021 issue of Advocate, The Arc of Massachusetts’ newsletter.

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