Employment Services

At Incompass, tomorrow’s workers are learning and using new skills, preparing to embark on their paths to employment.

Individuals work with career specialists to define and refine their skills, to prepare for meaningful jobs in their communities. Types of job placement opportunities include individual and group employment as well as volunteering.

Path to Employment


Defining Strengths

Incompass engages the individual in an assessment process and dialogue to develop a career plan that honors their strengths and employment potential.

Refining Skills

After identifying their strengths and employment goals, Incompass assists individuals to build additional skills needed for career success.

Landing a Job

Incompass ensures both the individual and the employer have the skills to navigate the hiring process that leads to an accepted job offer.

Ongoing Support

To ensure success, Incompass remains actively involved by providing consultation to develop natural supports and independence.

Developing a Career

Incompass understands that an individual’s current job may not be their forever job and remains involved to guide them on their career path.


Diversity is one of the key components of enhancing and expanding our organizational capability and our commitment to the communities we work in. Collaborating with Incompass to identify and place qualified workers has helped us succeed both operationally and in our commitment to our communities.

Michael McGee

Nordson MEDICAL General Manager, the Americas

Getting a job is important to me because I can have my own money and an opportunity to live a better and happier life. I will not always have to depend on others to buy me things that I need.

Mimi L.

Receives Incompass employment services

Incompass and his job coach have helped Matt in his day program achieve his goal of working with computers. Thank you for his many awards and newsletter stories and his letter from Pres. Obama. Thank you, everyone, for being there for my son. I am so proud of him – he has a bright future ahead of him.

Parent of employed individual

Frequently Asked Questions

My son already has a job. Can he keep that job after he comes to Incompass?

Yes. We want to support folks wherever they are. We’ll go over this and other details with you in our intake process discussion.

What supports does Incompass Employment Services offer?

We work with job seekers and help them develop their career plan. Then comes vocational training, mock interviews, resume writing and helping them build the skills they need to reach their career goals. We also work closely with employers to ensure they make reasonable accommodations and provide supports, natural or otherwise, for their employees’ success.

What kind of vocational training do you do?

We use the I Can Work! curriculum for vocational training. The I Can Work! program is a five-module course designed to integrate communication skills with hands-on pre vocational training in the areas of job readiness, clerical, retail, food service, and the grocery industry.

What is a career plan?

A discussion starts with a career plan, which includes job development plans tailored to your son’s or daughter’s needs. Individuals at Incompass discover what’s possible and become ready for the jobs that interest and suit them, which, in turn, boosts their empowerment, self-satisfaction, confidence, and independence. Vocational training and continuous on-the-job supports ensure your loved one’s sustained confidence, success, and satisfaction.

How does working affect my daughter’s benefits?

This is a complex topic and the answer depends on many factors. Our career specialists have the appropriate resources to help identify how working will affect your daughter’s situation. Go to www.BenePlan.org for general information.

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