Community Based Day Services

Community Based Day Services (CBDS) is an interactive program offering individuals a choice of how they spend their day in lifelong learning.

The Incompass CBDS program aims to bring people together, while getting them involved with the community. The program provides supports and instruction in an environment that is tailored to the individual, where activities are specifically designed to develop, enhance, and maintain competency in personal, vocational, and community relationships. By choosing activities they enjoy, people in the program are able to thrive.

Path to Relationship Development and Community Inclusion

Community Activities

Planned activities promote the full integration and inclusion of individuals with disabilities into mainstream society through positive and supported community collaborations.


Each individual is presented opportunities to volunteer and learn new work skills, to move on to working in meaningful employment, and thrive through community engagement.

Group Employment

Individuals work alongside Incompass professionals to develop independence, learn to work with a supervisor, and engage with others at the job site.

Independent Employment

Individuals who are ready may choose career paths with additional job responsibilities and advancement opportunities.

Daily Activities

Incompass CBDS participants volunteer in the community, pursue educational studies, learn about technology or music, or pursue vocational training and job development. Activities may include community and backyard gardening that opens up their world to vegetable, nutrition, and health — to touch and feel and taste and smell. Helping people in the program to count their money during purchases at retail and grocery stores, observe the path that money takes at the bank, understand what animals eat and what is grown at local farms, and ask the cost of stamps and where their mail goes at the post office.


Problem Solving

Learning Strategies



Money Management

Fitness Classes

Career Exploration

Organizational Skills


Language Development

Community Awareness and Safety

Social Media Skills

Technology Skills

Community Trips

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens during the day at Incompass Community Based Day Services?

Services through Incompass are career-driven and built around individuals’ employment goals. Individuals explore volunteer and internship opportunities that help pave their pathway to employment. When someone finds something they like to do, we build a plan around it. We use the I Can Work© curriculum to help them develop the specific skill sets they need to get ready for the jobs they select.

What training is offered by CBDS?

Incompass offer a variety of skill-building activities that maximize independence in the community. Examples include travel training, health and safety programs, social skills groups, technology training, self-advocacy, and activities of daily living and independent living skills. Activities are planned, structured, and supervised according to individuals’ needs and interests.
CBDS programming leverages community engagement with a person-driven approach. Individuals have opportunities to engage in a variety of recreational activities through local community partnerships, such as circle drumming, horseback riding, and singing lessons. Activities are designed so individuals can explore and discover new interests independently, build their skills, and develop supportive relationships in the community.

How does your staff support individuals, their goals and roles?

CBDS staff members work in partnership with individuals to guide day-to-day activities, support individuals’ decisions about employment options and engage individuals in activities that can assist them in meeting lifelong goals. The CBDS staff promotes independence by encouraging individuals to use their strengths and access assistance and support only as necessary. The staff facilitates skill building activities that will promote independence in the community for everyone.

How do I get services from Incompass?

Work with your Department of Developmental Services coordinator.

Does Incompass have a sheltered workshop?

As sheltered workshops were closed down in 2016, Incompass was at the front of the wave embracing this change by closing our workshop and moving individuals into competitive or community based group employment and community based day services.

What are some of the activities in the community?

Our direct-care staff engages individuals to count their money during purchases at retail and grocery stores, observe the path that money takes at the bank, understand what animals eat and what is grown at local farms, and ask the cost of stamps and where their mail goes at the post office. Community and backyard gardening opens up their world to vegetable, nutrition and health — to touch and feel and taste and smell. Individuals attend horseback riding therapy to tone their muscles and develop their balance. They learn exercise is fun during movement classes with a group of friends, and they discover their voices and acting chops at local performance and theater programs. The direct-care staff encourages individuals to observe the variety of jobs people have at these venues, to lay the foundation for socializing and becoming more involved in their community.

What case coordination supports do you offer?

Incompass Case Coordination professionals are vital participants who empower your sons and daughters, who guide them through self-advocacy to discover their own capabilities and independence. Coordinators are conduits of information, maintaining strong lines of communication among you and the Incompass direct-care and nursing staff, your service coordinators, and residential providers. Case coordinators practice advocacy and assist both you and your loved one in advocacy as you collaboratively design individualized support plans.

Do you provide transportation?

We will help to identify transportation resources for you.

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