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Clinical Support

Incompass offers a comprehensive suite of clinical services aimed at enhancing the well-being and quality of life for individuals in our care.

Program Overview

Services are tailored to meet the complex needs of each person we serve, beginning with clinical assessments, protocols, goals, and support strategies. Furthermore, our team develops behavior support plans and protocols to address specific needs and foster a safe environment. Our clinical team assesses and provides assistive technology solutions, ensuring individuals have access to the necessary tools for independence. We also monitor specialized clinical and adaptive equipment and devices to ensure their proper functioning. Ultimately, we recognize that independence looks different for everyone.

Our Care Champions create and implement activities for daily programming, including specialized clinical classes and groups. Promoting health and wellness activities is a priority for us, as we aim to empower individuals to lead healthy lifestyles. We develop and facilitate recreational, leisure, and community outings and activities, providing opportunities for social engagement and enjoyment. Special events and activities are carefully planned and organized to create memorable experiences. For example, dances are a beloved tradition at Incompass. We are proud to coordinate and manage activities with volunteers, community contacts, and interns, fostering collaborative partnerships.

Need to Speak to Someone in our Clinical Department?

Contact our Assistant Clinical Director:

Ashley Bergman

Assistant Clinical Director of Day Services