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Incompass Human Services is proud to be a founding affiliate of the New England Human Services Collaborative

The Provider-Driven Human Services Collaborative

While Incompass Care Champions provide support to nearly 1,000 individuals and families throughout Greater Lowell and Greater Lawrence, did you know that one out of every 10 people in the Commonwealth is served by the human services system? Founded in 2021 by Incompass Human Services and Bridgewell, NEHSCO is a growing network of providers who value innovation and embrace a person-centered approach to care.


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Affiliation Benefits

Strength in Numbers

Organizations gain access to collective purchasing power to secure significant cost savings on essential resources and supplies.

Attract & Retain Staff

Affiliates tap into a vast network of providers within NEHSCO, gaining a competitive edge in recruitment and retention. Shared training resources increase staff training locations while saving money.

Cutting-Edge Technology

NEHSCO’s dedicated Chief Information Officer (CIO) implements sophisticated IT solutions tailored for the human services sector. By optimizing operations, streamlining workflows, and enhancing network security, affiliates experience immediate ROI.

Power of Shared Data

NEHSCO’s shared data platform empowers affiliates with valuable insights into industry trends, best practices, and outcomes. Data-driven decision-making drives positive change and enhances service delivery.

Therapeutic Garden Program Grows

Therapeutic Garden Program Grows

Jul 19, 2023
In the heart of Chelmsford, nestled on the grounds of Incompass Human Services, a garden flourishes. A garden that holds a special place for the individuals with intellectual and...
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“By sharing resources, expertise, and innovative ideas, we are able to elevate the quality of care we provide and maximize our collective potential to make a difference in the lives of those we serve.”


– Jean Phelps, CEO at Incompass Human Services + President of NEHSCO

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean to be an affiliate?

An affiliation agreement connects two or more organizations, with one organization assuming the sole member role. In this case, NEHSCO is the sole member and Incompass and Bridgewell are direct affiliates to NEHSCO, while The Arc of Opportunity is a direct affiliate to Incompass. This is a common model in healthcare and human services due to the scale it allows its members to achieve and is how many modern healthcare systems are designed.

Is it different from a merger?

While many health and human services agencies are choosing to merge, that’s not the NEHSCO model. NEHSCO is an affiliate network of providers with a shared vision to create a system that works for those who need it, and they believe they can do things better together. NEHSCO affiliates keep their brand, board, and staff in place, but the collaborative opportunities that the structure creates enables better outcomes for the people we serve. 

How does this impact the quality of care at Incompass?

Our Care Champions benefit both directly and indirectly from the NEHSCO affiliate network. By collaborating with affiliate agencies, we’re able to drive innovation, promote scale, and most importantly connect with each other! The fact is that many people we serve have relationships with numerous providers, and our hope is to create a single door into that network as grow NEHSCO.

Is Incompass adopting the NEHSCO brand?

No. All affiliates keep their brand, and we kind of like ours! You will see the NEHSCO Direct Affiliate badge on Incompass communication vehicles to indicate our status as a direct affiliate, but the Incompass heart is here to stay! 

Who is joining NEHSCO?

The network is growing! Founded by Incompass Human Services and Bridgewell in 2021, The Arc of Opportunity was welcomed as a Member Affiliate in 2023. 

How is Incompass involved with the sole member NEHSCO entity?

As a founding affiliate, Incompass leadership is actively involved in decisions made at the sole member level. Our CEO Jean Phelps serves as the President of NEHSCO, and our Board Chair Tim Allen serves in that same role on the NEHSCO Board. 

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