Human Rights Committee

The Incompass Human Rights Committee promotes and protects the human and civil rights of people with acquired or chronic disabilities, including Autism, brain injuries, and intellectual and developmental disabilities.


The Incompass Human Rights Committee (HRC) advises agency leadership as we develop policies and implement practices to ensure we are safeguarding Human Rights. The HRC is facilitated by the Incompass Human Rights Coordinator and staffed by volunteers with varied backgrounds and expertise. HRC members may include:

  • people we serve
  • their family members/guardians
  • physicians/nurses
  • psychologists
  • masters-level practitioners
  • attorneys/paralegals
  • or law students

No HRC member is permitted to have an administrative or financial connection to Incompass.

The HRC meets 4-5 times per year for approximately one to two hours in person or via a virtual conference platform.

Interested in learning more?

For more information or to request to join the Incompass Human Rights Committee, please contact Kerry Pottle at 978-349-3035 or send her an email.