Super Bowl Fundraiser

Only three squares left! Please email Adam Shuster if you’re interested in purchasing. Payment can be made through the online form, or by cash/check to Beverly in HR.

*Updates made on February 3, 2022


  • $20/square
  • After all of the squares are sold, the numbers 0-9 will be randomly drawn and assigned to the rows across the top (Rams) and columns down the side (Bengals)
  • The last digit of each team’s total score at the end of each quarter is used to determine the
    winner for that quarter
  • Winners for Q1, Q2 & Q3 get $200; winner for Q4 gets $400. Incompass gets $1,000
  • If the game goes to overtime, the Q4 grid numbers are used for the final score and the
    Q4 winner and Final Score winner each get $200


  • Only three squares left!
  • Email if you’re interested in purchasing. 
  • Please use the link below to process payment for your selected squares or visit Beverly in HR to pay by cash/check.