Resumption of Day Programs

For the first time in nearly 150 days, our day programs will be open! We will welcome back a small cohort of day hab participants to Lawrence and Chelmsford beginning Monday, August 10.

As we begin to lift the suspension on our facility‐based programs, programs we return to will look vastly different from the programs we left. This is by design, as the Incompass COVID‐19 task force has created comprehensive plans to facilitate the safe and secure operation of our Omni Way and Parker Street locations. Our top priority remains the safety and wellbeing of our program participants, caregivers, and staff.

While the experiences will be different, we want to emphasize that programs will not only be safe but fun and engaging!

We are introducing new program procedures that are rooted in our overall capacity. On August 10, we will be at minimum capacity which means that:

→ only mission‐critical clinical and program staff will be on site;
→ only Omni Way and Parker Street facilities will be open for day programs;
→ overall building capacity will be limited to 50%;
→ employment and community programs remain suspended; and
→ no transportation will be provided.

Please see the downloads below for more detailed information on the resumption of day programs. We are so excited to welcome you back!

Changes to Program Facilities

Omni Way Day Program

Parker Street Day Program