Parker Street Transition

On June 17, Incompass Human Services signed an agreement to sell the Parker Street building. The sale will be finalized in October, and we are now focused on providing our staff and families time to work with us on a transition plan. We are committed to keeping all of our Care Champions, individuals, families, and caregivers engaged and informed in the coming weeks and months, and this page will be regularly updated to include the latest information.

What does this mean?

The decision to sell the building was made in the interest of the agency and the people we serve, as the 100-year old building is simply not meeting our programmatic and clinical needs. The terms of the sale allow us time to transition programs and services from the facility, and we are actively working with all impacted staff, individuals, families, and caregivers. We are maintaining an active footprint in the Greater Lawrence community through our adult family care (AFC), community-based day services, employment, and TREE programs.  And Incompass remains committed to a full and robust day service program portfolio with over 300 people enrolled in site-based services at our Omni Way facility in Chelmsford and our TREE program.

Message from CEO Jean Phelps: 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

We will continually update this page with questions we receive to share any and all information that will help those of you impacted to transition in a way that is most efficient for you.

Is the Parker Street facility closing?

Yes, but gradually. Incompass Human Services has reached an agreement to sell the building to a local buyer, and the new owner is giving us a runway to transition out of the building after the sale is finalized.

Why is Incompass Human Services selling the Parker Street building?

The building simply doesn’t meet our programmatic needs, and every day that we occupy Parker Street we are losing money – even when the building and its programs are at full capacity. Difficult decisions like this one are always made carefully with a focus on the people we serve.

Why are you announcing this now?

We just agreed to the sale and want to give our staff and families as much time as possible to work with us on a transition plan. Right now, our agency focus is working on a comprehensive transition plan with our staff and families who are impacted.

When will the building be closed?

The buyers have given us time to transition out of the building as a condition of the sale, which will not close until October 1. As a condition of the sale, Incompass will continue to occupy a small footprint inside Parker Street to continue running the TREE program until April 30.

What is the impact to staff who work at Parker Street?

All Parker Street-based staff will be presented with opportunities to keep them employed as Care Champions, and the TREE program staff will continue in their roles. We will transfer staff working in Parker Street to open positions at Omni Way, and the remaining staff will be offered the option to transfer into other open positions at Incompass.

Where will Day Hab participants receive service?

We are working with each individual who is currently enrolled in programs at Parker Street and is impacted by this decision. As capacity restrictions allow, we will transition people currently enrolled in Day Hab at Parker Street to Omni Way. Our case coordinators will work individually with families on options, that may include securing transportation to Omni Way or potentially placement in a program closer to home.

Will the CBDS program be impacted?

The CBDS program will remain active in the Greater Lawrence community but will operate out of Omni Way in Chelmsford.

What is the impact to the TREE program?

The TREE program will remain at Parker Street until April 30 when a new program space will be secured. We are actively seeking new space and will share details as soon as we’re able.

What is the impact to the AFC program?

The AFC program will remain a community-based program in Greater Lawrence but operationally will shift to Omni Way in Chelmsford.

What if I’m not able to travel to Chelmsford to receive services?

We are just beginning to work with all those impacted on transportation options, as we want to transition as many individuals as space will allow at Omni Way. We are in contact with DDS, Mass Health, and other Lawrence-area providers to provide people who aren’t able to be served in Chelmsford with opportunities to explore potential options closer to home.

What will happen to the Parker Street building?

The building’s future will be up to the new owner, but we plan to share some of our favorite memories at Parker Street over these next few months.

What does the sale mean for the future of Incompass Human Services?

Incompass isn’t going anywhere; it’s in our best interest to move on from this old mill building that no longer meets our needs. Our focus is – and always will be – on the people we serve, and this decision is rooted in ensuring we’re able to deliver on that mission. We remain committed to a full and robust day service program portfolio, with over 300 people eventually being served in the Omni Way and TREE programs.

Is Incompass Human Services still going to have a presence in Greater Lawrence?

Yes. We are maintaining an active footprint in the Greater Lawrence community through our AFC, CBDS, TREE, and employment programs.

Where do I go if I have a question?

We don’t have all the answers yet, but we are open to all of your questions and will do our best to answer them. Our case coordinators are always available to address your questions and share information.

How can I stay up-to-date and informed as transition plans evolve?

We will continually update this web vehicle with the latest information, and proactively share the latest developments with those impacted through e-mail, direct mail, and one-to-one conversations.