Pictured L-R: (Back row) Chris Snell, Heather Mantell, two additional presenters from Triton Systems, Angela Otieno (Front row) Two LHS students.

Human services is often overlooked as a viable career path for young adults.  With the help of Incompass Care Champions, Project LEARN is helping change that narrative. Project LEARN funds innovative programs and services to inspire Lowell Public Schools’ students and equip them with the skills, knowledge, and mindset they need for college, career, and life.

Incompass directors from three departments joined last week’s Career Speaker event hosted by Project LEARN, presenting to a freshman seminar class at Lowell High School.

  • Angela Otieno, Director of Residential Services
  • Chris Snell, Director of Clinical Services
  • Heather Mantell, Director of Family and Community Services

Rather than presenting their chosen career paths in a rigid format, the directors used this opportunity to engage in thoughtful discussion with the students. Otieno says that one student felt comfortable enough to ask a more personal question, such as,

“the value of taking advanced placement (AP) classes to prepare for the future, and how to handle family pressure to follow a particular career path.”

The conversation naturally shifted towards discussing students’ exposure to those with disabilities. Snell asked students to raise their hands if they knew someone with a disability.

“Nearly every one of them raised their hand. That would not have been the case 20 or maybe even 10 years ago.”

Fostering these types of relationships between young adults and human services professionals is more critical than ever. Mantell noted,

“This isn’t a line of work that students would typically gravitate towards. But, if convinced at least one of them that this work is rewarding, then the day was a success.”