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LifeLinks CLASS takes pride in learning your business well, knowing the job you need to get done. We prepare our workforce through interviews, assessments, and training to match you with the best talent, from day one to job independence.



LifeLinks CLASS career specialists are resources for your HR department to support your employees’ growing independence in their jobs. Our specialists are experts in understanding many learning styles and will adapt your training process to ensure your new employee’s success.



We’re committed to your employee’s orientation to their new job as well as their growing independence. Along the way we continue to train and provide constructive feedback so they become motivated, fully prepared, and well-trained workers who will become major contributors to the success of your company.

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We can fulfill your needs by providing candidates trained in the areas of:


Building Maintenance





Customer Service


Point of Sale

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it harder to hire a person with disabilities?

No. The process is very similar to how you manage all of your employees. Our career specialists are experts in working with employers to ensure success.

What are the benefits of hiring a person with disabilities?

You hire an employee who is dedicated, reliable, hard working, job ready and supported by a career specialist.

LifeLinks CLASS offers cross-promotional opportunities in marketing campaigns, press releases and social media to support your business and showcase your commitment to workplace diversity.

You are eligible to receive federal tax benefits year to year for each individual you hire.

Does the candidate require somebody to accompany them in the interview?

Whenever possible we want candidates to represent themselves during the interview process. We prepare them by conducting mock interviews, soft skills training, and communications skills training.

We can also coach hiring managers on the interview accommodations for a candidate to lead to a successful interview.

How do I know the people you’re recommending are qualified?

You make the final hiring decision. When an individual enters our program, we conduct a 90-day assessment to determine attitude, aptitude, and career path. Based on the assessment, we provide training suited to the individual’s needs and desires to ensure success.


Our career specialists help them identify jobs that match their skills.

What do I do if accommodations are necessary?

We will partner with you to develop reasonable accommodations appropriate to the employee, such as modifying the work space, procedure instructions, etc.

What do I do if a situational issue arises we can't handle on our own?
Call the career specialist as soon as you recognize a problem your employee is having. The sooner you call us, the sooner we can resolve it to your satisfaction, so you can return to business as usual.
Whose payroll are they on?

Yours. They are your employee.

Chris is an exceptional individual, one of our best workers. I’m delighted with his performance. He’s very trustworthy and dependable and he follows directions well. He makes Stop & Shop look good.

Fran Deveraux

Manager, Stop & Shop, Reading, MA

LifeLinks CLASS workers have always provided on-time shipments delivery and responsive support to Original Gourmet. It’s been a great working relationship since 2010, and growing year to year.

Tim Streeter

Operations & Production Manager, Original Gourmet

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