The Vaccine Clinic

We are aiming to have the clinics be run as efficiently as possible, and are working closely with our partner Long Term Pharmacy.

Each clinic will be announced to eligible staff, with a call for registrations. Here are the basics:

  • You will need to bring your ID and health insurance card.
  • You will need to sign the consent form.
  • You will need to pre-register; we aren’t allowing walk-ins.
  • There will be two pharmacy representatives administering the dose.
  • You will be led to an observation room after receiving the vaccine.
  • Your second booster shot will be scheduled during the clinic.

Vaccine Administration

When it comes to the administration of the vaccine, we’re still nailing down a process, timeline, and details. Here is what we can share today:

  • Incompass staff will receive the vaccine at no cost.
  • Group home staff and residents will be the first to receive the vaccine.
  • While we hope to get as many of you vaccinated as possible, we are not requiring anyone to receive the vaccine as a condition of employment.
  • Staff receiving the vaccine will be required to sign a consent form.
  • The first appointments for eligible staff will be on a first-come, first-serve basis for those who sign up.